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Valmet / Valtra Tractor
Series 6000
6000, 6100, 6200, 6200LS, 6250HI, 6300, 6300LS, 6350HI,
6400, 6400LS, 6550HI, 6600, 6600E, 6650HI, 6750HI, 6800,
6800E, 6850HI, 6900,
Series C
C100, C110, C120, C120E, C130, C150, C90,
Series M
M120, M120E, M130, M150,
Series N
N101 Classic, N101 HI-TEC, N111 Classic, N111 HI-TECH,
N111E Advance, N111E HI-TEC, N111E LS, N121Advance,
N121 HI-TEC, N121 LS, N122 Direct, N122 Versu,
N141 Advance, N141 HI-TEC, N141 LS, N142 Direct,
N142 Versu, N82 HI-TEC, N91 Classic, N91 HI-TEC, N92 HI-TEC,
Series S
S230, S232, S233, S240, S260, S262, S263, S274, S280, S292,
S293, S294, S322, S323, S324, S352, S353, S354, S374,
Series T
T120, T130, T140E, T150, T160, T160 CR, T170,
T170 CR, T180, T190, T190 CR, T191 LH, T4004 M,

Same Tractor
Diamond 230, Diamond 265, Diamond 270,
Series Dorado
100F, 100S, 100V, 55, 55F, 56, 65, 66, 70F, 70S, 70V, 75,
75F, 75S, 75V, 76, 85, 86, 86 Classic, 90F, 90S, 90V,
Series Dorado 3
100 Hi-Line, 60, 60 Classic, 70, 70 Classic, 80, 80 Classic, 90, 90 Classic,
Series Explorer
Explorer 75, Explorer 85, Explorer 95,
Explorer T/TB
Explorer 85T, Explorer 85TB,
Explorer T/TB COM 3
Explorer3 100T, Explorer3 100TB, Explorer3 105T,
Series Explorer3
Explorer3 100, Explorer3 85,
Series Explorer3 COM3
Explorer3 100, Explorer3 105, Explorer3 85, Explorer3 90,
Explorer3 90 Natural,
Series Fortis
Fortis 150, Fortis 150 Infinity, Fortis 160, Fortis 160 Infinity,
Fortis 180, Fortis 180 Infinity, Fortis 190, Fortis 190 Infinity,
Series Frutteto3
Frutteto3 S80, Frutteto3 100, Frutteto3 100 Classic,
Frutteto3 110, Frutteto3 60 Classic, Frutteto3 70 Classic,
Frutteto3 80, Frutteto3 80 Classic, Frutteto3 80.4 Classic,
Frutteto3 90, Frutteto3 90 Classic, Frutteto3 S100,
Frutteto3 S110, Frutteto3 S90, Frutteto3 S90.3,
Frutteto3 V100, Frutteto3 V110, Frutteto3 V80,
Frutteto3 V90, Frutteto3 V90.3,
Golden 60 Compatto, Golden 65 Compatto,
Golden 75 Compatto, Golden 85 Compatto,
Series Iron
Iron 100, Iron 110, Iron 120, Iron 130, Iron 150, Iron 150.7,
Iron 155S, Iron 160, Iron 165.7, Iron 165S, Iron 175S,
Iron 175S Classic, Iron 180.7, Iron 190S, Iron 200, Iron 210,
Series Iron Continuo COM3
Iron 115 DCR Continuo, Iron 135 DCR Continuo, Iron 150 DCR Continuo, Iron 170 DCR Continuo, Iron 190 DCR Continuo,
Series Iron COM3
Iron 115 DCR, Iron 125 DCR, Iron 130 DCR, Iron 135 DCR, Iron 140 DCR, Iron 155 DCR, Iron 160 DCR, Iron 175 DCR, Iron 185 DCR, Iron 210 DCR,
Series Iron Continuo
Iron 150.7 Continuo, Iron 165.7 Continuo,
Iron HI-Line
Iron 100 HI-Line, Iron 130 HI-Line, Iron 150 HI-Line,
Iron 150.7 HI-Line, Iron 165.7 HI-Line, Iron 180.7 HI-Line,
Series Iron HI-Line DCR COM 3
Iron 155 Hi-Line DCR, Iron 160 HI-Line DCR, Iron 175 HI-Line DCR,
Iron 185 HI-Line DCR,
Series Iron3 COM3
Iron3 190 DCR, Iron3 210 DCR, Iron3 220 DCR,
Series Krypton
Krypton 100, Krypton 80, Krypton 90, Krypton 95, Krypton F78,
Krypton F88, Krypton F98, Krypton V80,
Series Krypton3 COM3
Krypton3 100, Krypton3 110, Krypton3 80, Krypton3 90F,
Series Laser
Laser 100, Laser 110, Laser 130, Laser 150,
Series Laser3
Laser3 140, Laser3 160,
Series Rubin
Rubin 120, Rubin 135, Rubin 150, Rubin 160, Rubin 160 Galileo,
Rubin 180, Rubin 180 Galileo, Rubin 200, Rubin 200 Galileo,
Series Silver
Silver 100, Silver 100.4, Silver 100.6, Silver 105,
Silver 110, Silver 115, Silver 130, Silver 85, Silver 95,
Series Silver3
Silver3 100, Silver3 100 Continuo, Silver3 110, Silver3 110 Continuo,
Series Virtus
Virtus 100, Virtus 100 Infinity, Virtus 110, Virtus 110 Infinity,
Virtus 120, Virtus 120 Infinity,

McCormick Tractor
C100Max, C105Max, C105Max, C110Max, C75Max, C80Max,
C85Max, C90Max, C95Max,
Series CX
CX60L, CX65L, CX70L, CX75L, CX80L, CX85L, CX85L,
Series F
F100, F70, F75, F80, F90,
Series F Cab/Plat
F100 F/GE/XL, F110 F/GE/XL, F120 F/GE/XL, F70 F/GE,
F80 F/GE/XL, F85 F/GE, F90 F/GE/XL,
Series G-Max
G125Max, G135Max, G145Max, G165Max,
Series T-Max
T100Max, T110Max, T115Max, T80Max, T90Max,
Series X50 T4i
X50.20, X50.30, X50.40, X50.50,
Series X50M T4i
X50.20M, X50.30M, X50.40M,
Series X6 T4i
X6.420, X6.430, X6.440,
Series X7
X7.440 Pro Drive, X7.440 VT Drive, X7.450 Pro Drive, X7.450 VT Drive, X7.460 Pro Drive, X7.460 VT Drive, X7.650 Pro Drive, X7.660 Pro Drive, X7.660 VT Drive, X7.670 Pro Drive, X7.670 VT Drive, X7.680 Pro Drive,

Landini Tractor
5-090D, 5-100D, 5-110D,
Series 5D-HC
5-090D HC, 5-100D HC, 5-110D HC,
Series 5H
5-090H, 5-100H, 5-110H, 5-115H,
Series 6
6-145, 6-160, 6-175,
Series 6C
6-120C STD/LS, 6-130C STD/LS, 6-140C,
Series 6T4i V-Shift
6-145 V-Shift, 6-160 V-Shift, 6-175 V-Shift,
Series 7T4i Roboshift
7-160 Roboshift, 7-175 Roboshift, 7-190 Roboshift, 7-215 Roboshift,
Series 7T4i V-Shift
7-175 V-Shift, 7-190 V-Shift,
Series Alpine
Alpine 65, Alpine 70, Alpine 75, Alpine 80, Alpine 85,
Series LandPower
LandPower 125, LandPower 130 blu, LandPower 135,
LandPower 145, LandPower 160 blu, LandPower 165,
LandPower 185,
Landpower Tier 3
Landpower 125 Tier 3, Landpower 135 Tier 3, Landpower 145 Tier 3, Landpower 165 Tier 3, Landpower 180 Tier 3,
Series Legend
Legend 105, Legend 115, Legend 130, Legend 145, Legend 165,
Series Legend NG
Legend 120 NG, Legend 130 NG, Legend 140 NG, Legend 160 NG, Legend 180 NG,
Series Legend NG TDI
Legend 125 NG TDI, Legend 130 Blu, Legend 135 NG TDI,
Legend 145 NG TDI, Legend 160 Blu, Legend 165 NG TDI,
Legend 185 NG TDI,
Series Mythos
Mythos 100, Mythos 110, Mythos 90,
Series Mythos Tier 2
Mythos 105, Mythos 115,
Series PowerFarm RPS Tier 2
PowerFarm 105, PowerFarm 75, PowerFarm 85, PowerFarm 95,
Series PowerFarm RPS Tier 3
PowerFarm 100, PowerFarm 105, PowerFarm 110, PowerFarm 80, PowerFarm 90,
Series Rex Cab
Rex 100, Rex 70, Rex 90,
Series Rex F
Rex 100F, Rex 65F, Rex 80F, Rex 90F,
Rex F/GE/GT Tier2
Rex 105F, Rex 105GE, Rex 105GT, Rex 60F, Rex 60GE,
Rex 75F, Rex 75GE, Rex 75GT, Rex 85GT, Rex 95F,
Rex 95GE, Rex 95GT,
Series Rex G
Rex 100GE/GB, Rex 100GT, Rex 80GE, Rex 80GT, Rex 90GE/GB,
Rex 90GT,
Series Vision
Vision 100, Vision 80, Vision 90,
Series Vision Tier 2
Vision 105, Vision 85, Vision 95,
Series Vision Tier 3
Vision 100, Vision 105,

Lamborghini Tractor
Series Agile
660S Agile, 770S Agile, 880S Agile, 990S Agile,
Series C
C.110 SIX, C100, C110, C90, C95,
Series CF
CF100, CF78, CF88, CF98,
Series CV
Series Champion
Champion 120, Champion 135, Champion 150, Champion 160 Intel-Cab, Champion 180 Intel-Cab, Champion 200 Intel-Cab,
Series Nitro T4i
Nitro 100 T4i, Nitro 100 T4i Hi-Profile, Nitro 110 T4i,
Nitro 110 T4i Hi-Profile, Nitro 120 T4i, Nitro 120 T4i Hi-Profile,
Series Premium
Premium 1100, Premium 1300,
Series R2
R2.56, R2.66, R2.76, R2.86, R2.86 Target,
Series R2 COM3
R2.100 Hi-Profile, R2.60, R2.60 Target, R2.70, R2.70 Target,
R2.80, R2.80 Target, R2.90, R2.90 Target,
Series R3
R3.105, R3.75, R3.85, R3.90, R3.90 Trend, R3.95,
Series R3 Evo
R3 Evo 100, R3 Evo 85,
Series R3 Evo COM3
R3 Evo 100, R3 Evo 110, R3 Evo 85,
Series R3 T-TB COM3
R3.100T, R3.100TB, R3.105T, R3.105T Target, R3.85T,
R3.85TB, R3.90T, R3.90T Target,
Series R4
R4.105, R4.110, R4.85, R4.95,
Series R4 COM3
R4.100, R4.100 VRT, R4.110, R4.110 VRT,
Series R5
R5.100, R5.110, R5.115, R5.130, R5.150,
Series R5 Evo COM3
R5.140 Evo, R5.160 Evo,
Series R6
R6.100, R6.100, R6.110, R6.110, R6.120, R6.130,
R6.150, R6.150.7, R6.165.7,
Series R6 COM3
R6.115 DCR, R6.125 DCR, R6.130 DCR, R6.140 DCR,
R6.155 DCR, R6.160 DCR, R6.175 DCR, R6.185 DCR,
Series R6 HI-Line
R6.100 HI-Line, R6.110 HI-Line, R6.120 HI-Line,
Series R6 Hi-Profile
R6.110 Hi-Profile, R6.120 Hi-Profile, R6.130 Hi-Profile,
R6.150 Hi-Profile, R6.150.7 Hi-Profile, R6.165.7 Hi-Profile,
R6.180.7 Hi-Profile,
Series R6 Hi-Profile DCR COM 3
R6.110 Hi-Profile, R6.115 Hi-Profile DCR, R6.135 Hi-Profile DCR,
R6.140 Hi-Profile DCR, R6.155 Hi-Profile DCR, R6.160 Hi-Profile DCR, R6.175 Hi-Profile DCR, R6.185 Hi-Profile DCR,
Series R6 Tier 4i
R6 150 T4i, R6 150 T4i Hi Profile, R6 160 T4i, R6 160 T4i Hi Profile,
R6 180 T4i, R6 180 T4i Hi Profile, R6 190 T4i, R6 190 T4i Hi-Profile,
Series R6 VRT COM 3
R6.115 DCR VRT, R6.125 DCR VRT, R6.135 DCR VRT,
R6.150 DCR VRT, R6.170 DCR VRT, R6.190 DCR VRT,
Series R7
R7.175S, R7.190S, R7.200,
SeriesR7 COM3
R7.190 DCR, R7.210, R7.210 DCR, R7.220 DCR,
Series R8
R8.230 DCR, R8.265, R8.270 DCR,
Series RF
RF 100, RF 55, RF 70, RF 75, RF 90,
Series RF COM3
RF100, RF110, RF80, RF90,
Series RF Target
RF100 Target, RF60 Target, RF70 Target, RF80 Target,
RF80.4 Target, RF90 Target,
Series RS
RS 100, RS 70, RS 75, RS 90,
Series RS COM3
RS100, RS110, RS80, RS90, RS90.3,
Series RV
RV100, RV70, RV75, RV90,
Series RV COM3
RV100, RV110, RV80, RV90, RV90.3,
Series Sprint
654-55 Sprint, 664-65 Sprint, 674-75 Sprint, 684-85 Sprint,
Series Triumph
Triumph 100, Triumph 80, Triumph 90,

Deutz Tractor
Series 11
11350 TTV, 1400 TTV, 11440 TTV,
Series 5
5100, 5100 P, 5110, 5110 P, 5120, 5120 P,
Series 5 TTV
5100 TTV, 5110 TTV, 5120 TTV, 5130 TTV,
Series 6 Agrotron
Agrotron 6120 TTV, Agrotron 6130 TTV, Agrotron 6140 TTV,
Agrotron 6150, Agrotron 6150.4, Agrotron 6150.4P,
Agrotron 6155 TTV, Agrotron 6155.4 TTV, Agrotron 6160,
Agrotron 6160.4, Agrotron 6160.4P, Agrotron 6160P,
Agrotron 6165 TTV, Agrotron 6165.4 TTV, Agrotron 6175 TTV,
Agrotron 6175.4 TTV, Agrotron 6180, Agrotron 6180P,
Agrotron 6185 TTV, Agrotron 6190, Agrotron 6190P,
Agrotron 6205 TTV, Agrotron 6215 TTV,
Series 6 TTV
6120.4 TTV, 6130.4 TTV, 6140 TTV, 6140.4 TTV, 6150.4 TTV,
6160 TTV, 6160.4 TTV, 6180 TTV, 6190 TTV, 6190 TTV WARRIOR,
6190 TTV WARRIOR C-Shift,
Series 7 TTV
7210 TTV, 7230 TTV, 7250 TTV, 7250 TTV WARRIOR,
Series 9 TTV
9270 TTV, 9290 TTV, 9310 TTV, 9340 TTV, 9340 TTV WARRIOR,
Series Agroclimber COM3
Agroclimber 310 V C-N-M-L, Agroclimber 400F, Agroclimber 410, Agroclimber 410F, Agroclimber 410SIX,
Series Agrocompact
Agrocompact 70F3/F4, Agrocompact F100, Agrocompact F60, Agrocompact F75, Agrocompact F80, Agrocompact F90,
Series Agrofarm
Agrofarm 100, Agrofarm 85,
Agrofarm COM3
Agrofarm 410, Agrofarm 410G, Agrofarm 420, Agrofarm 420 Profiline, Agrofarm 420TTV, Agrofarm 430, Agrofarm 430 Profiline,
Agrofarm 430G, Agrofarm 430TTV,
Series Agrofarm T-TB COM3
Agrofarm 410T, Agrofarm 410T Ecoline, Agrofarm 410TB,
Agrofarm 420T, Agrofarm 420T Ecoline, Agrofarm 420TB,
Series Agroplus
Agroplus 100, Agroplus 67, Agroplus 75, Agroplus 77,
Agroplus 85, Agroplus 87, Agroplus 95, Agroplus 95 New,
Series Agroplus COM3
Agroplus 310, Agroplus 310 Ecoline, Agroplus 315,
Agroplus 315 Ecoline, Agroplus 320, Agroplus 320 Ecoline,
Agroplus 410, Agroplus 410 Ecoline, Agroplus 420 Profiline,
Agroplus 430V,
Series Agroplus F
Agroplus F100, Agroplus F70, Agroplus F75, Agroplus F90,
Series Agroplus F COM3
Agroplus 320F, Agroplus 410F, Agroplus 420F, Agroplus 430F,
Series Agroplus F Ecoline
Agroplus 310F Ecoline, Agroplus 315F Ecoline, Agroplus 320F Ecoline, Agroplus 405F Ecoline, Agroplus 410F Ecoline, Agroplus 420F Ecoline,
Series Agroplus S
Agroplus S100, Agroplus S70, Agroplus S75, Agroplus S90,
Series Agroplus S COM3
Agroplus 320S, Agroplus 330S, Agroplus 410S, Agroplus 420S,
Agroplus 430S,
Series Agroplus V COM3
Agroplus 320V, Agroplus 410V, Agroplus 420V,
Series Agrotrac
Agrotrac 100, Agrotrac 110, Agrotrac 130, Agrotrac 150,
Series Agrotrac COM3
Agrotrac 610, Agrotrac 620,
Series Agrotron
Agrotron 100, Agrotron 105, Agrotron 110, Agrotron 120,
Agrotron 150, Agrotron 195, Agrotron 200, Agrotron New 130,
Agrotron New 215, Agrotron New 265,
Series Agrotron K
Agrotron K100, Agrotron K100 Profiline, Agrotron K110,
Agrotron K110 Profiline, Agrotron K120, Agrotron K120 Profiline,
Agrotron K90, Agrotron K90 Profiline,
Series Agrotron K COM3
Agrotron K410, Agrotron K420, Agrotron K420 Profiline,
Agrotron K430, Agrotron K430 Profiline, Agrotron K610,
Agrotron K610 Profiline,
Series Agrotron L
Agrotron L710, Agrotron L720, Agrotron L730,
Series Agrotron M
Agrotron M410, Agrotron M410 Profiline, Agrotron M420,
Agrotron M420 Profiline, Agrotron M600, Agrotron M610,
Agrotron M610 Profiline, Agrotron M615, Agrotron M615 Profiline,
Agrotron M620, Agrotron M620 Profiline, Agrotron M625,
Agrotron M625 Profiline, Agrotron M640, Agrotron M640 Profiline,
Agrotron M650, Agrotron M650 Profiline,
Series Agrotron MKIII
Agrotron 100MKIII, Agrotron 105MKIII, Agrotron 80MKIII,
Agrotron 85MKIII, Agrotron 90MKIII,
Series Agrotron New
Agrotron 150.7, Agrotron 165.7,
Series Agrotron Profiline
Agrotron 120, Agrotron 130, Agrotron 150, Agrotron 150.7,
Agrotron 165.7, Agrotron 180.7,
Series Agrotron TTV
Agrotron TTV1130, Agrotron TTV1145, Agrotron TTV1160,
Series Agrotron TTV COM3
Agrotron TTV 410, Agrotron TTV 420, Agrotron TTV 430,
Agrotron TTV 610, Agrotron TTV 620, Agrotron TTV 630,
Series Agrotron X
Agrotron X710, Agrotron X720,

Price: €299.00 Exc VAT

Valmet / Valtra Tractor
Series 6000
6000, 6100, 6200, 6200LS, 6200R, 6250, 6250HI, 6300, 6300LS,
6350, 6350HI, 6400, 6400LS, 6550, 6550HI, 6600, 6600E, 6650,
6650HI, 6750, 6750HI, 6800, 6800E, 6850, 6850HI, 6900,
Series 8000
8000, 8000LS, 8020, 8050, 8050E, 8050HI, 8050LS, 8100, 8100E,
8100LS, 8150, 8150HI, 8150LS, 8200, 8200E, 8200R, 8300, 8350,
8350HI, 8400, 8450, 8450E, 8450HI, 8550, 8550E, 8550HI, 8580,
8600, 8750, 8750E, 8800, 8850, 8950, 8950HI,
Series M
M120, M120 E, M130, M150,
Series T
T120, T120C, T130, T130C, T131C, T133, T140, T140C,
T140E, T150, T160C, T163, T170, T170C, T173, T180,
T183, T190, T190CR, T191LH, T193, T203D, T213,

OEM Reference
3455990 , V34559900 ,

Price: €410.00 Exc VAT

Valmet / Valtra Tractor
Series T
T160, T160 CR, T170, T170 CR, T180, T190, T190 CR, T191 LH,
Series T1
T121 H/C, T131 H/C, T151 EH, T151 ELS, T161 H, T161 LS,
T161C, T171 C/H, T171 LS, T191 LS,
Series T2
T132 D/V, T152 D/V, T162 D/EV,
Series TC/TCH
T160 C/CH, T170 C/CH,

OEM Reference
836867092 , V836867092 ,

Price: €774.00 Exc VAT
Valmat T M Dana Spicer 740/532 Crown Wheel Pinion VALMET / VALTRA T M Series Dana Spicer Front Axle 740/532 Crown Wheel and Pinion Z=13/38

Valmet / Valtra Tractor
Series T
T120, T130, T133 HI-TECH, T140E, T144D, T150, T151 EH,
T151 ELS, T153 Direct, T153 HI-TECH, T153 Versu, T154D,
T160, T160 CR, T161 H, T161 LS, T161C, T163ED, T163EV,
T170, T170 CR, T171 LS, T173 HI-TECH, T174ED, T180,
T183 Direct, T183 Versu, T190, T190 CR, T191 LH, T191 LS,
T193 HI-TECH, T194D, T203 Direct, T213 Versu, T214D,
T234V, T4004,
Series M
M120 , M120E , M130 , M150 ,

OEM Reference
V36246400 , 740.04.504.01 ,

Price: €921.00 Exc VAT