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Price:35.00 Exc VAT
Location: White - Y.1.2.2
Specification: Outs. Ø (mm) 94.5 Inner Ø (mm) n/a Height (mm) 192.5 Thread M20 x 1.5 Thread type Metric Filtration (μm) 4 (98 %)
OEM Reference: 84412164
Commodity Codes: 8708999790

Quantity in Stock:4
Product Code: 104756

Description Technical Specs Extended Information
Case IH Tractor
Series 3000
Series MXU
MXU110, MXU110 Pro, MXU125, MXU125 Pro, MXU135, MXU135 Pro,
Series Maxxum 110,
110 CVX, 110 EP, 110 Multicontroller, 115, 115 EP, 115 Multicontroller, 120, 120 Multicontroller, 125 , 125 EP, 125 Multicontroller, 130, 130 EP, 130 Multicontroller, 135, 135 Multicontroller, 140, 140 EP, 140 Multicontroler, 145, 145 Multicontroller, 150, 150 Multicontroller,
Series Optum
Optum270 CVX, Optum300 CVX, Series Puma 115, 125, 130 CVT, 130 CVX, 140, 145 CVT, 145 CVX, 150, 150 CVX, 155, 160 CVT, 160 CVX, 165, 165 CVT, 165 CVX, 170, 170 CVX, 175 CVX, 180, 180 CVT, 180 CVX, 185, 185 CVX, 195, 195 CVT, 195 CVX, 200, 200 CVX, 210, 210 CVT, 210 CVX, 215, 215 CVX, 220, 220 CVX, 225 CVX, 230 CVX, 240 CVX,
Combine Harvester
Series Axial-Flow 5130
5140, 6130, 7130,
Propelled Sprayer
Series Patriot
Patriot 3230, Patriot 3240, Patriot 3330, Patriot 3340,
Self-Propelled Windrower
Series WD3
WD1903, WD2303, Telehandler Series Farmlift Farmlift 632, Farmlift 635, Farmlift 735, Farmlift 742, Farmlift 935,

Ford New Holland Tractor
Series T6
T6.120, T6.125, T6.140, T6.145, T6.150, T6.155, T6.160, T6.165, T6.175, T6.180 , Series T6 Auto Command T6.140 AC, T6.145 AC, T6.150 AC, T6.155 AC, T6.160 AC, T6.165 AC, T6.175 AC, T6.180 AC, Series T6000 T6020 Delta, T6020 Elite, T6020 Plus, T6030 Delta, T6030 Elite, T6030 Plus, T6040 Elite, T6050 Delta, T6050 Elite, T6050 Plus, T6060 Elite, T6070 Elite, T6070 Plus,
Series T6000
Power Command T6030 PC, T6050 PC, T6070 PC, T6080 PC, T6090 PC, Series T6000 Range Command T6030 RC, T6050 RC, T6070 RC, T6080 RC, T6090 RC,
Series T7
T7.165S, T7.175, T7.190, T7.195S Classic, T7.210 Classic, T7.210 Sidewinder II, T7.260 Classic, T7.260 Sidewinder II,
Series T7 (China)
T1804, T1804B, T2104, T2304,
Series T7 Auto Command
T7.170 AC, T7.175 AC, T7.185 AC, T7.190 AC, T7.200 AC, T7.210 AC, T7.220 AC, T7.225 AC, T7.230 AC, T7.235 AC, T7.245 AC, T7.250 AC, T7.260 AC, T7.270 AC, T7.315 AC,
Series T7
Classic T7.230, T7.245, Series T7 Power Command T7.170 PC, T7.185 PC, T7.200 PC, T7.210 PC, T7.220 PC, T7.235 PC, T7.250 PC, T7.260 PC,
Series T7
Range Command T7.170 RC, T7.185 RC, T7.200 RC, T7.210 RC,
Series T7
Sidewinder II T7.175 Sidewinder II, T7.190 Sidewinder II, T7.230 Sidewinder II, T7.245 Sidewinder II,
Series T7000
T7030, T7040, T7050, T7060, Series T7000 Auto Command T7030 AC, T7040 AC, T7050 AC, T7060 AC, T7070 AC, Series T7000
Power Command T7030 PC, T7040 PC, T7050 PC, T7060 PC, Series TLA TL70A, TL80A, TL90A, TL100A,
Series TSA
TS100A Deluxe, TS100A Plus, TS110A Delta, TS110A Deluxe, TS110A Plus, TS115A Deluxe, TS115A Plus, TS125A Deluxe, TS125A Plus, TS135A Deluxe, TS135A Plus,
Combine Harvester
Series CS
CS6050, CS6060, CS6070, CS6080, CS6090, CSX7050H,
Series CSX
CSX7040, CSX7050, CSX7060, CSX7070, CSX7080,
Series CX
CX5080 E4, CX5090 E4, CX5090 H4, CX5090 L4, CX6080 E4, CX8030, CX8040, CX8050, CX8060, CX8070, CX8080, CX8090, Series TC TC5.70 E4, TC5.80 E4, TC5.80 I3, TC5.90 E4, TC5.90 I3, TC56,
Series TC5000
TC5060 E4, TC5070 E3, TC5070 E4, TC5070 I3, TC5080 E3, TC5080 E4, TC5080 HS3, TC5080 HS4, TC5080 I3, Forage Harvester
Series H8000
H8060, H8080,
Series Speedrower 130,
200, 240, Grape Harvester
Series 7000M
7030M, Series 8000L 8030L,
Series 9000L
9040L, 9050L L, 9060L, 9060L GE, 9060L H, 9060L SH, 9070L L, 9080L, 9080L GE, 9080L H, 9080L SH, 9090L, 9090L GE, 9090L H, 9090L SH,
Series 9000M
9040M, 9070M,
Series 9000N
9080N H, 9080N L,
Series 9000X
9090X, 9090X O GE, 9090X GE, 9090X H, 9090X O,
Industrial Tractor
Series B
B100BLR, B110, B115,
Series LB
Series LBB
LB110B, LB90B, LB95B,
Loader Series BB
B100B, B100BTC, B110B, B110BTC, B115B, B115CTC, B90B, B90BLR,
Propelled Sprayer
Series SPF
Series LM
LM6.32, LM6.32 NRC, LM6.35, LM6.35 NRC, LM7.35, LM7.35 NRC, LM7.42, LM7.42 NRC, LM9.35, LM9.35 NRC, Series TH
TH6.32, TH6.36, TH7.32, TH7.37, TH7.42, TH9.35,

Landini Tractor
Series PowerMaster
PowerMaster 180, PowerMaster 190, PowerMaster 200, PowerMaster 210, PowerMaster 220, PowerMaster 230,

Steyr Tractor
Series CVT 6000
CVT6130, CVT6145, CVT6150, CVT6160, CVT6165, CVT6170, CVT6175, CVT6180, CVT6185, CVT6200, CVT6205, CVT6210, CVT6215, CVT6220, CVT6225, CVT6230, CVT6240,
Series PROFI
PROFI4110, PROFI4110 Classic, PROFI4110 CVT, PROFI4110 ET, PROFI4115, PROFI4115 CVT, PROFI4115 ET, PROFI4120, PROFI4120 CVT, PROFI4125 CVT, PROFI4125 ET, PROFI4130, PROFI4130 CVT, PROFI4130 ET, PROFI4135 CVT, PROFI4135 ET, PROFI4145 CVT, PROFI4145 ET, PROFI6115, PROFI6125, PROFI6125 Classic, PROFI6125 ET, PROFI6135, PROFI6140, PROFI6140 Classic, PROFI6140 ET, PROFI6145 ET,
Series Terrus
Terrus 6270 CVT, Terrus 6300 CVT,

OEM Reference 07.0501.0010 , 0705010010 , 11LC-70010 , 11LC70010 , 2852436 , 2853548 , 3689026M1 , 3978040 , 489.78.97 , 4897897 , 4989106 , 504033400 , 504043765 , 5106030090 , 5801477167 , 6901012 , 6901355 , 711853A1 , 72130519 , 84167233 , 84412164 , 84468410 , 84493919 , 84534796 , 87646722 , 87803197 , 87803197F , 87803197SP , 87803199 , 87803208 , 87803209 , 951690 , CU3978040 , FF5421 , FF5421J , K3978040 , K4989106 , LA2992241 , RECFF0542100 , RECFF542100 , VH23390E0010 ,

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